My Lucky Sweatshirt

Heat In My Sweatshirt
I used to be dreaming about baseball. I used to be as much as bat and carrying my favourite black sport over sweatshirt however there was one thing very flawed with this dream. I had a really unhealthy feeling and my unconscious was telling me to wake-up. There have been no gamers on the sector, not even the pitcher. I used to be at dwelling plate within the batting stance with bat cocked, elbow out, knees bent, and butt pushed out; carrying solely my sweatshirt, a pair of vivid white boxers and heavy grey wool socks with liners however no footwear. Pitched balls have been coming towards the plate from an empty mound and odd sounds have been coming from the empty stands. Unusually, simply earlier than attending to the plate the balls have been stopping mid-air and falling to the bottom, creating a big scattering of baseballs on the bottom in entrance of dwelling plate.

The truth was I used to be comfortably tucked into my ice-caked sleeping bag with my sweatshirt, boxers, and socks, whereas resting on a thick layer of pine needles below one in all solely 5 timber. Only one was suitably sturdy and tall sufficient for hanging our meals. It had a wonderfully positioned sturdy department for hanging about 20 ft off the bottom. We have been round 9,500 ft elevation. That is the approximate tree line within the Sierra Nevada Mountain vary.

It Was Time To Put-On My Sweatshirt
We had stopped right here as a result of it was getting late. It was the final half-way respectable place to camp for the evening. The trail forward could be nothing however rock and icy chilly winds for the subsequent 6 miles within the late afternoon. You see if you camp in nothing however rocks it isn’t solely uncomfortable and colder, it is harder to hold and defend your meals from bears and particularly — every part you could have from these pesky little mice. These little buggers chew holes in something and every part they cannot freely get into; like sleeping baggage and backpack pockets. Every thing should stay open and absolutely accessible until you’re proper there with it and paying shut consideration. Hanging meals excessive sufficient from a line stretched between rocks is an actual pain-in-the-ass.

There was not sufficient time to make it over the cross and drop-down the opposite aspect under tree line earlier than darkish. That’s the reason we stopped right here. We had began our journey on the base of Mount Whitney with a vacation spot of Yosemite Valley. The Muir path spans length-wise traversing the best parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Vary. Since my good friend Larry and I had solely been out 6 days our packs have been nonetheless very heavy with four giant baggage of meals every. We have been carrying a giant cache of meals, sufficient to comfortably cowl us for our 30 day trek throughout the 211 miles of the John Muir Path. Sufficient so we did not must fishing or choose up further meals alongside the best way. We have been lining ourselves as much as go over ruggedly excessive 11,600 foot cross within the morning whereas we have been recent and earlier than the hotter temperature of mid day might make it harder.

Solely a Sweatshirt To Hold Me Heat
All of the sudden I awoke to the sound of limbs crackling over within the course of that massive tree; oh-no our meals. I scrambled out of my bag into the icy chilly darkish evening with solely a tiny penlight in-hand and the sweatshirt on my again whereas shouting to Larry, “Larry, I feel some massive ass hungry bear goes for our meals”. Larry did not’t need to get out of his good heat bag. I did not’t blame him, rattling it was chilly. So we simply listened a bit. We didn’t hear a single sound from over there. All we might hear was the little stream down the wrong way from us. Though nonetheless fearful, Larry satisfied me I used to be simply dreaming. So with penlight in-hand I climbed again into my bag. I used to be freezing on the market with naked legs and solely a sweatshirt.

I wasn’t capable of fall again asleep straight away so I simply laid there, thoughts spinning, eager about stuff. I used to be eager about the one yr we had been planning this journey, scrapping up the cash for this costly down bag, and a complete bunch of specialty backpacking gear. I used to be remembering our after work conditioning hikes with rocks in our packs to simulate the load of our meals and gear; very heavy @ 85lbs. I acquired this one actually humorous image in my head. It was of me charging a bear in my sweatshirt and boxers from a bear’s perspective. I laughed silently to myself as I pictured solely my vivid white boxers charging in the direction of me. Within the darkness of evening I couldn’t see the darkish sweatshirt. What a daunting imaginative and prescient even to a bear I believed.

That Mild-Hearted Sweatshirt Second Turned to Panic
The sound of crackling and falling issues hitting the bottom crammed my ears – once more! It was the start of a nightmare, however this time I used to be not dreaming. I knew if we did not get our asses and my sweatshirt over there right-away our journey could be ruined, if it wasn’t already. I shouted at Larry as I sprang out of my sack. Once more with penlight in hand and solely the sweatshirt on my again we raced over to that massive tree space; the one the place our meals was hanging. As we method we started seeing packages of meals scattered throughout the bottom of that massive previous tree and a pair of reflective beady eyes staring up at us. They belonged to the largest fattest brown bear I had ever seen. He was hunkered over our meals, mouth to the bottom, slobbering and munching away as his eyes peered upward towards us. His eyes and physique language stated all of it – screw you I am not going wherever till I end every part.

I Knew My Cougar Sweatshirt May Not Defend Me From A Hungry Bear
Larry and I checked out one another. We might see the shock and panic in one another’s faces. We shortly agreed to aim chasing the bear off by charging him whereas screaming loudly and throwing sticks and stones. We every picked-up a number of small rocks and charged the bear whereas yelling on the high of our lungs. Stopping about 20 ft away we pummel him with our rocks. No response, nothing, not even a flinch. That son-of-a-bitch simply saved consuming our meals. Apparently he had been right here and performed this fairly a number of occasions earlier than with out encountering somebody prepared to threat the sweatshirt on their again. We instantly grabbed extra rocks and no matter was helpful proper there at 20 ft shut. We charged nearer, yelled, and unloaded once more. This time he a minimum of appeared up. However nearly instantly he lowered his head again down and continued feasting on our valuable meals. In all my quite a few run-ins with bears I had by no means encountered a bear this brazen. By now we have been out of sync as we franticly charged, yelled and threw rocks again and again.

We lastly succeeded in driving him again a number of steps solely to be disenchanted when he got here ahead once more to decide on a unique group of snacks. With a glimmer of hope and even larger willpower I grabbed a rock so large I might barely maintain it with one hand. I believed to myself that is it; we have got to harm this bastard to let him know the meals is ours. I charged all the best way proper up along-side of that son-of-a-bitch and guided that massive bolder with every part I had proper into the aspect of his head; bulls-eye! He instantly cried out shaking his head as he lurched again and rocked up on his again two legs then again down. All of the whereas he was crying and shaking his head. Luckily for me the bear was so surprised and disoriented he did not assault me. Clearly I hadn’t thought this out too effectively; my sweatshirt might have gotten shredded proper then and there. Proper about then Larry unloaded on him once more. At this level that massive fats bear rotated and lumbered over to a close-by ridge disappearing downhill into the vegetation.

My Weightlifter Sweatshirt Survived
We sighed with reduction however nonetheless in shock we raced again over to our camp space to get into our warmest garments and boots on our practically frozen ft. We returned as quick as potential to evaluate the harm; hopping we might salvage the vast majority of our meals. As we have been standing in our sea of meals discussing a plan of motion right here got here that rattling cussed bear slowly again over the ridge towards us and our meals. Unbelievable, what’s it going to take? At this level we had began to regain a few of our widespread sense. We nearly gave up the meals. However in practically an instantaneous our anger returned. We grabbed extra rocks, larger rocks this time, and raced over to the ridge space the place the bear had paused. He appeared a bit indignant and was doing a little bear speaking as we approached. We did not pause. We simply let him have it over again – arduous! That was all it took. He spun round and high-tailed it again over and down into the vegetation for the second time. Now, we have been actually starting to fret about our security. What number of occasions can we pummel that bear earlier than he decides to combat quite than retreat? We agreed that we had already pushed our luck to the max; we might to not problem that bear once more.

We gathered up the meals that seemed to be good, took it over to our camp, began a camp hearth and maintain it going. We left the trash and slobbered-up meals across the tree as a decoy ought to the bear return. We hoped it might maintain the bear away from our salvaged meals and my sweatshirt. Admittedly it was not an excellent plan however below the circumstances it was about all we might or have been prepared to do. Within the morning we meticulously cleaned up our fiddle that bear’s sucker tree, totally burning all trash and meals we weren’t taking with us.

Mr. Sweatshirt Begins Weight loss plan
Because the trash was burning we cleaned, sorted and inventoried our remaining meals. The outcome was a devastating 50% general loss, significantly heavy on dinners. We have been fairly bummed out however figured that if we rationed our meals we might go for an additional Three weeks to make our vacation spot, Yosemite Nationwide Park.

By the point we end burning our trash it was already mid-day. We have been fairly drained from final evening’s ordeal and the buildup of the earlier 6 days climbing whereas carrying the bear’s meals and that heavy sweatshirt of mine. We wished to take one in all 4 deliberate no-hike screw-off days to relaxation, however did not dare. We actually did not need to do the assent portion of this cross on the warmest a part of the day. However this was not the fitting place since we would not survive one other encounter with that frickin bear.

Story Of The Sweatshirt
We positive had lots to speak about that day as we headed for the cross. We shared and explored each element of the earlier evening from one another’s distinctive perspective. Considered one of my takes was about how my sweatshirt helped save us. Here’s a shortened model of the way it helped scare the bear. My story went one thing like this; “Since my darkish black sweatshirt is so extremely contrasting to my vivid white boxers it was answerable for scaring the bear away. A lot in order that from the bear’s perspective it appeared like he was being attacked by a pair of white boxer shorts; like a ghost. Now simply think about how scary it might be to be attacked by a pair of my Three-day-old white boxers”. So now you understand the story of how my favourite sweatshirt grew to become My Fortunate sweatshirts.

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